Marc Witengier has 17 years of experience in professional services marketing, 15 of which are in the legal industry. He also has extensive experience in branding, marketing communications, corporate communications, media relations and business development. Prior to his career in professional services marketing, he worked extensively in corporate communications for a national investment firm headquartered in St. Louis after having been a print journalist for several years.

Marc is a strong proponent of clearly identifying each client’s strategic objectives from the start of serving the client. He also believes in building clear brands which spotlight a client’s strengths and efficiently connects the client’s strengths to its target market. It all begins with well thought-out strategy and goals which put legal industry clients in perfect alignment with the range of services offered by Legal Back Office.

Marc also believes branding is the foundation of all marketing, communications (both internal and external), advertising and community relations efforts, and that a strong, clear and effectively communicated brand message should also serve as a management tool orienting all members of an organization toward a common objective.

Finally, Marc has a thorough understanding of the pressures and challenges lawyers face; billable hours, realization rates, challenging clients, crowded court docket, changes in law and more. In turn, Marc understands the value of the services Legal Back Office offers clients and how those services can greatly reduce the stresses on lawyers and law firm leadership.