Crystal Schulte started her accounting career as an auditor for a large public accounting firm in St. Louis where she gained experience in a variety of industries. She then moved to a small tax firm where she led the department and focused on individual and small business tax returns.  From there she went on to a firm where she was able to use both her auditing and tax experience. Ultimately, Crystal knew that she wanted to be able to develop more of a relationship with her clients and help them to better understand their financial statements so she started her own business. She uses her knowledge and experience from the audit and the tax worlds to prepare financial statements for clients while also making sure they grasp what is going on in their businesses.

Because of her strong desire to help people, Crystal aided in the opening of a nonprofit store that provides food, clothing, and household items to the community- free of charge. She is very passionate about personal and professional development and is constantly striving to become a better version of herself.  Crystal recently started her motivational speaking journey where she pours into people, specifically women, and encourages them to believe in themselves. She also started a Facebook group where she provides motivational/inspirational quotes on a daily basis and allows people to share their stories to help and encourage others who may be going through something similar.  She believes we ALL have a story so why not use our stories to help others! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 2 giant goldendoodles (Zaz and Ralphie), her boyfriend, and her family.