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Strategic Planning

If you feel your law firm is ready to grow or is not living up to its full potential, then it is time to contact Legal Back Office for a strategic plan. With a track record of success helping law firms succeed and experience across a diverse range of legal practices, LBO can help you develop a detailed roadmap to reach your objectives.

Our strategic plans take a deep dive into your business, reviewing everything from financial performance and client lead/retention rates to the effectiveness of your internal processes, so your plan is not just goals but a defined operational plan for how to achieve those objectives in 1 year and 3 years.

If you’re ready to take your firm to the next level, contact Legal Back Office today.

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    Maximize Your Firm’s Potential

    Not hitting your goals? Feel like your business could perform better? Studies show companies with a strategic plan report 12% higher sales growth and 11% better net income than those without. Convinced you need a strategic plan yet? Partner with LBO Strategy who boasts national experience growing law firms!

    Set Firm Goals

    Setting business goals and objectives is critical to ensuring your firm stays on track to reach your objectives. Our strategic plans include 1- and 3-year goals.

    Review Performance

    Dig into past firm performance, including budget, client metrics, marketing efforts, internal processes and more to identify areas of improvement to reach your goals.

    Follow-Up Consulting

    Schedule monthly follow-up meetings to review strategic plan performance and keep on track to reach goals. This will include reporting on key firm metrics.

    Why Partner with us?

    We exist to help attorneys and law firms achieve positive results. We are a strategic and operational business partner that will maximize your time, improve your financial performance and give you peace of mind that the business side of your practice is taken care of. More time, more money, and less stress. You can’t afford not to schedule a free consultation with us!

    Things you can count on from Legal Back Office:

    • Phenomenal customer service.
    • Great communication.
    • Excellent work products.
    • Genuine care for you and your business.
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    Our Vision:
    To revolutionize the legal industry
    and positively impact the world.