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When you overhear your peers and colleagues talking about HTML, SEO, SSL, WordPress, Hubspot, and PPC do you often get confused? Don’t worry, our law firm marketing services are here to help! Digital advertising is a critical component to any business, even the business of practicing law! If you don’t have a digital brand and identity, your clients will not be able to find you.  Building a brand is critical to creating a firm with a strong reputation, quickly!

Let us partner with you to establish a brand and a plan that can help your law firm generate the client leads you need to support your strategic goals. We can help you create your brand, website, a content marketing plan and connect you with advertising specialists in your practice area.

Brand Identity

Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It’s not just a logo, tagline, product or service. In today’s business environment, your brand is critical to your success as a service provider. Our Brand Identity package is a fixed fee and includes the following:

  • Brand Discovery meeting to get to know your business and customers.
  • Brand Strategy unique to you that will present the service promise you want to communicate to your clients.
  • Identity Package will include 3 different logo designs to choose from, tagline development, colors and fonts as well as a business card template (additional design work for banners, brochures and more can be requested and priced as needed)
  • Brand Guidelines document to use throughout your business to maintain the strength and consistency of your brand.

Cost: $4,000

Web Design

Your website is often times the first point of contact that your clients have with you. If your website is thrown together and poorly designed, that may give clients and potential clients the wrong impression about your business. But it’s not just about your website’s design. In today’s market, it is so important to have your website optimized for search engines, mobile devices, and lead generation.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Customized Marketing Plans

Tired of overspending on advertising and not getting results? Need more legal clients and don’t know where to start? Your law firm growth is dependent on a strategy and with the right plan, the power of a holistic plan can launch your business forward in a significant way. Legal Back Office can create a custom plan based on your goals that stretches beyond our own services. This plan will include defined target markets and organizational focus, traditional advertising research and recommendations, social media strategies, other digital marketing opportunities, networking needs to grow a referral base and more. It also includes an overall budget, expected monthly budget a campaign calendar and draft metrics to measure the on-going success of the plan.

 Contact us to start the discussion about how to harness the power of a focused marketing plan that the legal industry has yet to fully capitalize on!

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